Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cycle #1

This one was a long time coming...

Monday, August 9, 2010

When the henshed was a henshed it had doors and/or windows on all sides bar one. We made a window on that side so I would have the evening light. An unforseen consequence of this is that the birds can see straight through and therefore think that they can fly straight through. We've had a dead woodpecker, blackbird and a stunned bluetit. I hung a makeshift curtain up to prevent any furthur casualties but really didn't want to go down the curtain/blind/shutter path if possible. This is what we've tried then - masking the windows and painting them with opaque laquer. I hope it'll break the light up enough to alert the birds...

Still in painting mode, today I masked a rectangle on the wall over my desk and painted it with magnetic paint - Weird! I've still got another couple of coats to put on. Does it work?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

tapestry weekend

I shall be teaching a beginner's tapestry course the weekend of the 21/22nd of August. 10-12am and 2-5pm both days. Bring a picnic lunch. If the weather is good we'll weave under the plane trees on the village square otherwise we'll be in the salles des fêtes. Warp and frames will be provided but please bring wool to use as weft. The cost is €50 and all proceeds go to Galerie La Tour . If you are interested please email me.