Friday, August 23, 2013

tapestry workshop

Some photos from the tapestry workshop I ran in July. There were seven students, some of whom have some experience of weaving and some who were completely new to it. Four francophones and 3 anglophones which was a bit taxing for me but we managed!  We had two intense days of setting up  warps, learning to mix colours, weaving different colours side by side and making shapes. The more experienced weavers experimented with texture and weaving on a finer scale than before. Everyone got a lot done and left happy on the Sunday evening.  We picnicked under the plane trees on the village square each day and the village goat made an appearance now and then just to add a bit of local colour!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ian Warburton

                                         photo Claude Petit

Warb has a show of recent paintings at the tour de Montsalès until the 21st of August. Opening hours are 3 - 7pm every day. Entry is free.

Anybody wishing to support the work of the gallery could become a friend (adhérant) for 18€ per annum.  All the money for running the tower has to be raised from private and corporate donors as well as fundraising events such as the tapestry weekend held in July, sales of catalogues and refreshments in the tour, the annual quine etc.

Our main expense is our gardienne Corinne who is at the tour Monday to Friday to greet visitors.  Everything else - design and distribution of publicity material -  posters, catalogues, cards, the hanging of shows, website design and maintenance,  meeting artists and planning the programme, gardiennage of the tour at the weekend etc. is all done by a handful of volunteers.

Any help gratefully received!