Thursday, May 28, 2009

mobile/minimal studio

I well remember the first time I gave thanks for the lightness and portability of the materials and equipment I use. It was the day Lud and I moved from one third floor flat in Edinburgh across town to another third floor flat. Did I mention that he worked mostly with lead at the time?!

The hen shed is still a hen shed albeit minus hens. Sadly it will be a while before we can make it into the cosy studio with the wood burner in the corner. In the mean time I'm still in the house. I don't take up much space though. Everything I need fits into the following...

When I was an artist in residence in a Telford school the kids were given a D+T project to make a useful container for a staff member. Naomi chose me and made this lovely box which I have used ever since (10/12 years?) There are spikes to put my threads on and they are just the right length so that nothing moves in transit. There is a little side section for skeins of thread, scissors etc. She hand painted the box and finished it with brass furniture. Naomi was an exceptional girl/student. We still know her. I taught her to weave or rather just pointed her in the right general direction and let her get on with it. She wove a tapestry that took about 100 hours when she was 14/15. I have some of her work and should show it...

The ubiquitous Ikea drawers - all my sewing threads fit in here.

Two Olympus plastic film boxes (at least I think that's what they are). Skeins of DMC thread live in here.

I'd still really like my hen shed though. I'm sure I could fill it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

under the tilleul

We have an extra room in our house in Summer. It's called 'under the tilleul' (lime tree). A good lime tree is a glorious thing - sweet smelling and humming with bees in Spring, a cool, shady, breezy place in Summer. I started the day well listening to Desert Island Discs and finishing n° 5/9 of Poplar. Then I decided to have a sandwich and a glass of wine under the tilleul...

which turned into another glass of wine, bringing blankets and cushions and a pile of books out and settling in for the day. It was bliss!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Outrageous floribundance in the car park at Figeac. Gorgeous!

tom phillips has a blog. (He taught Warb at Corsham in the 60's)

also 20 sites n years

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tapestry weaving is not for those in need of instant gratification nevertheless I am finding Poplar a bit tedious... The 9 squares make an image which I feel (hope) is more than the sum of it's parts but the weaving of each part is not very exciting. Today I am mostly weaving yellow. Hmmm.

Far more exciting things are happening in the studio downstairs. The washing machine and overflow fridge also live down there and each time I pass through I have a quick look to see what has been going on. This painting ( I've shown you 3 details as I haven't got a good low resolution one of the whole thing) took my breath away.

Ah well back to my yellow..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

There's rather more gardening than weaving going on at the moment.
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