Thursday, May 28, 2009

mobile/minimal studio

I well remember the first time I gave thanks for the lightness and portability of the materials and equipment I use. It was the day Lud and I moved from one third floor flat in Edinburgh across town to another third floor flat. Did I mention that he worked mostly with lead at the time?!

The hen shed is still a hen shed albeit minus hens. Sadly it will be a while before we can make it into the cosy studio with the wood burner in the corner. In the mean time I'm still in the house. I don't take up much space though. Everything I need fits into the following...

When I was an artist in residence in a Telford school the kids were given a D+T project to make a useful container for a staff member. Naomi chose me and made this lovely box which I have used ever since (10/12 years?) There are spikes to put my threads on and they are just the right length so that nothing moves in transit. There is a little side section for skeins of thread, scissors etc. She hand painted the box and finished it with brass furniture. Naomi was an exceptional girl/student. We still know her. I taught her to weave or rather just pointed her in the right general direction and let her get on with it. She wove a tapestry that took about 100 hours when she was 14/15. I have some of her work and should show it...

The ubiquitous Ikea drawers - all my sewing threads fit in here.

Two Olympus plastic film boxes (at least I think that's what they are). Skeins of DMC thread live in here.

I'd still really like my hen shed though. I'm sure I could fill it!

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meabh said...

Meabh sweetheartn we will do it as soon as we can. I do believe in faries I do, I do.