Monday, July 28, 2014

best laid plans..

My show with Colette Bessac-Lefranc opened at the tower on Saturday night. I however had absolutely nothing to do with it! Last Saturday great pain propelled me to hospital and a day later I had an op. to remove a kidney stone. Definitely better out than in! So - all last week Warb and John and Monsalèsien friends did all the exhibition preparing, framing, pricing, typing lists, running around, hanging the show and making a million canapés.

I slept and read and listened to a lot of Radio 4. Am still doing much the same but hope to see our show this week!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


The relationship isn't intentional! 

 My show with Colette Bessac-Lefranc is at the end of July - not much time left... 

I'm also teaching a two day tapestry workshop on the 9th and 10 of July if anyone (or anyone you know) is interested. The fee is €200 to include all materials and all the money goes to the tower.
Details of this and all the other workshops being offered this summer are on the tower website on the 'stages' page.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

lauragh valley handcrafts

My brother John and his wife Siobhán have a new website - please take a look!
If you're planning a trip to Ireland you could do no better than to stay in their bothy.
A cosy little house on their farm with no internet access, good books, cds and board games on the shelves, my tapestries on the walls, a woodburning stove, homemade bread, scones and  jam, eggs from the hens in the picture (!) and vegetables from their organic garden.  Scroll down the page to see some of the reviews - they are without exception rapturous!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

a brown paper parcel

My new blog - please take a look!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

greens and yellows

It is cold and windy and rainy here - ugh.  BUT amidst all the grey, brown and muddy tones there is colour when you look for it. Moss is miraculous here - there is a stand of trees not far away which is almost completely covered in moss. They look as if they've been flocked! Lots of beautiful lichens too. Clean air you see.  Am making greeny, yellowy collages at the moment.

This is my latest little enterprise - please have a browse!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I took some slides to the photo shop to have them digitized today.  A catalogue is being done for both  Colette and me for our Summer show and I suddenly remembered my big thick file of slides. Slides - remember them?  It's odd to see old work again or rather to see it clearly and bigger. The cup tapestry above was the very first piece I sold through a gallery - it was Roger Bilcliffe Fine Art in Glasgow and must have been around 1994 or 5.

Still raining... but we have had the odd sunny day recently.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It's that time of year - clearing up, sorting out.  I know I should have done it in January but  January conspired against me one way or another so February will have to do!

It has rained and rained since Christmas so I carried out my oft repeated threat of abandoning ship in January and going to England to top up on friends. I had a great few days despite incessant rain... Well you don't go to England for the weather now do you?

In the interest of tidiness and restoring some order to my wallet after my England trip I am having one of my occasional sales. If you click on the Etsy button on the right you will find several tapestries and one felt collage (sold) for sale at 20% less than the usual price. Packaging and postage anywhere in the world is also included in the price and I'll even throw in a few cards! All this for the month of February only.