Thursday, May 6, 2010

lighting the stove

We are stove fanatics. Jotul stoves, Vermont Casting stoves and particularly Clearview stoves. We love burning wood (and planting trees) There has been enormous stove excitement this week. The stove from the hall was moved to the sitting room, the stove from the sitting room was moved to the henshed, the beautiful brand new Clearview stove was put into the hall and (keep up!) the new workshop stove that looks like a dustbin was put in the painting studio. I think we have reached our limit now!

Here's me and Dilly the dog lighting the henshed stove for the first time. It burns beautifully and the henshed is so well insulated and double glazed that I think I'll be able to run it on scavanged sticks rather than shop bought logs.

So close to moving in now...