Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Calm The Wild Water

Fiona Hutchison, who exhibited in 'Vive la Tapisserie' at the Tour this Summer, currently has a one woman show, "How Calm The Wild Water", at An Tobar, The Tobermory Arts Centre on the Isle of Mull. 4th November - 31st December. You can see some pictures here. Inspired by the sea, this exhibition explores the sculptural qualities of tapestry, paper and stitch. This new body of work was developed with a personal development grant from Creative Scotland

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I parcelled up 3 tapestries, including this one, to send to an exhibition in England last week. Imagine my surprise when one of them was delivered to my house having gone to Paris and apparently immediately turned round and headed back down to the South of France. Hmm - not best pleased!

So - if anyone would like this small, mounted tapestry (7.5 x 8cm) and is willing to give La Poste another go (they're usually perfectly reliable - really!), let me know. The price is £90 including tracked postage. is the address