Friday, August 23, 2013

tapestry workshop

Some photos from the tapestry workshop I ran in July. There were seven students, some of whom have some experience of weaving and some who were completely new to it. Four francophones and 3 anglophones which was a bit taxing for me but we managed!  We had two intense days of setting up  warps, learning to mix colours, weaving different colours side by side and making shapes. The more experienced weavers experimented with texture and weaving on a finer scale than before. Everyone got a lot done and left happy on the Sunday evening.  We picnicked under the plane trees on the village square each day and the village goat made an appearance now and then just to add a bit of local colour!


K Spoering said...

Your student's small works are lovely! Which means you must have been a successful teacher in several languages and at several levels! What a challenge!

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love these narrow samplers. Beautiful work and sounds like fun!

Meabh Warburton said...

They did well didn't they! It was an intense couple of days. Various people popped in over the weekend and they all commented on the level of quiet concentration.