Saturday, March 10, 2007


The sun is shining and Selvedge came in the post this morning! Selvedge covers the subject of textiles in it's widest possible interpretation. It is interesting, informative and beautifully produced. And... it's square! I have two copies of issue 9 (feb O6) for some reason and would be happy to send one to whoever would like it. Just email me your address - first come, first served. (edit - Ana is the lucky winner!)


Feltbug said...

Hi Meabh - I met the designer for Selvedge, Rebecca Machin, at the Textiles Fair in London today - she was lovely - full of enthusiasm and keen for textile artists to contact the magazine with news about their work. By the way I have added you to my blogroll - I really like your work.

meabh said...

thanks for that Mandy. BTW what was the contemporary textile fair like in general? Were there many people selling wallbased work or not?They asked me to exhibit this year but what with one thing and another it wasn't possible. I'm doing Brighton in November though. Not applying for Origin this year - too much stress!