Wednesday, May 23, 2007

fuzzy felt

Here's a picture of a felt collage I'm working on for an exhibition next month. I learned to make felt some years ago at a workshop with Anne Belgrave at the Greenwood Centre in Ironbridge. I enjoy the process - it's messy but clean (I never could get on with clay!) and something akin to a small miracle takes place as the fuzzy woolen fibres suddenly transform into fabric. My tapestries are very planned but the felt pieces get made up as I go along. I do start with a drawing but it usually gets abandonned pretty quickly. In the end tapestry interests me more but felt provides an occasional and welcome contrast.


wilsonian said...

The colours here are absolutely gorgeous!

shula said...

Dammit Meabh,

Are you ever going to post something I DON'T like?

meabh said...

Thanks both!