Friday, December 28, 2007

max & meabh collaborate

He designed it, I wove it. I think he likes it!


K Spoering said...

I like it, too. I also like the way you mount the small works. Are they under glass?

meabh said...

Hi Kathy,
Yes they are. Largely because of the dust/dirt issue. I do think that somehow it 'tightens' them up a bit too. D'you know what I mean? I have a brilliant guy in England who's been making my frames for me for about 10 years. They're impossibly expensive in France for some reason.

Else said...

No chance of a close-up? It looks great!

A Happy, Productive and Lucrative new year to you - may your weft never warp! (or something like that...)

meabh said...

Hi Else,
I'll be satisfied with happy and productive - don't think lucrative ever comes into the tapestry weaving equation! I'll have a go at a close up.
Here's to 2008.