Thursday, March 6, 2008


Deadline approaching. Very busy. New puppy. WHAT was I thinking of...?


April said...

Oh Meabh,
Too funny! I totally relate...I just picked up a new cat from the humane society. My schoolwork assignments are piling up....What was i thinking????
But how could i resist....she was just crying out for me to take her home.......and she's fitting in nicely with our other cat and our dog. :o)

K Spoering said...

My first thought was, "exactly, what WAS she thinking?" Our sweet dog is almost 12 years old, but I remember his puppy days like a nightmare. But puppies, who can resist? But this too will pass, and you'll have a lovely dog lying at your feet, doing nothing more than shedding on everything.
Ah the joy of pets!