Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not weaving

This is a little Jo Barker tapestry which has recently come into my possession. She made it in 1986 for her post-grad show. Isn't it gorgeous?

Absolutely no weaving going on here however. My 'Lime tree - landscape' collage got through the first round of judging for the RDS crafts competion but when I started to weave it the niggling discomfort in my arm/shoulder got worse and my fingers went tingly/numb which I take to be a bad sign.

This coincided with my hearing from a gallery that people were remarking how much my work had gone up in price recently and baulking at it. In fact it hasn't gone up at all but I am making bigger things. I have made a lot of tapestries 4 x 4 inches (16 square inches) whereas recently they've been as big as 8 x 8 inches (64 square inches). As I price my work by the square inch you can see that yes, there is a big difference in price. People don't seem to perceive the difference in size though. Both 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 just register as - well - small...

So all in all I'm a bit disenchanted with weaving at the moment. I'll see how I get on with physio for my arm but it may be time to explore other media.

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Aileen said...

Hello! I've been stalking your blog for a long time and really enjoy watching your tapestries emerge :) Regarding the tingling and numb fingers... as a pianist, it is a really common injury to pick up and I guess my only advice is what you've already been doing - rest. It can totally put you out of action if it's seriously aggravated. Really hope you recover ok!