Friday, March 13, 2009


Exhibition - Vive la tapisserie! French tradition, Scottish tribute
Institut Français d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh. Until 9th April. Artists include Archie Brennan, Sara Brennan, Amanda Gizzi, Maureen Hodge, Fiona Hutchison, Susan Mowatt.


K Spoering said...

I LOVE this one! The colors are lovely together, and the shapes very lively.

meabh said...

thanks Kathy - I'm working myself up to weaving it... it' been so long - I'm very hesitant.

Olga said...

It's like a language - I find myself wondering what it says.
Thanks for reminding me of the Institut Francais in Edinburgh. I used to love the place way back in ancient times when I was in school in Auld Reekie. The tapestry show sounds great.

J. Austin - said...

Your creative process is very inspiring. I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. See more: