Tuesday, April 28, 2009

le troc

There's much talk of le troc (barter) in these times of la crise. (I've got a good bread for eggs arrangement going with a neighbour!) Over the years we have been lucky to exchange paintings and tapestries for other artist's paintings, pots, sculpture. The textile piece in the picture is the latest. It's a gorgeous embroidery made by a friend Colette Bessac-Lefranc and one of my tapestries is now hanging in her dining room. How satisfying is that?
I'll take some close up photos of it to show if the sun ever shines again!

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Maggie H said...

Hi Meabh Just found your blog, lovely. The Gallery in Newport is, I'm pleased to say, still going well. We have some super work, inlcuding our second order of wonderful brooches from Mike and Kim.

Your comment made me smile. I have a customer who I frame for and we also have a nice system of a bottle of wine or some beer from me in exchange for a dressed pheasant or rabbit ready for the pot from him, We also exchange cooking tips, great fun. Lots of regular customers do a plant swap with me and that is a great way to introduce some plants with a personal history into the garden. Looks like life in France is good for you.
Take care, Maggie