Thursday, March 25, 2010

henshed i.p.

Great progress is being made on the henshed. It should be finished next week and then the builders will be back to working on the barn.

Great progress is not being made weaving wise... I started a new tapestry last week - with a section filled with circles like in Spoon #6 and I just can't do it. Can't make my brain make the leap to thinking in negative and can't seem to follow the marks on the warp in anything like a satisfactory fashion.

So... going to walk the dog...


K Spoering said...

I know that feeling. Like my fingers have forgotten. I am watching the shed/studio with anticipation. We also have a henshed in our backyard that is just using up good space. I would love to re-build it as a potting shed, a 'playhouse' or something useful. I don't want hens!

Meabh Warburton said...

I don't want them either. The best thing is to have neighbours with hens! Last week I had 32 eggs from 3 different sources - lemon curd perhaps? Icecream?