Thursday, July 22, 2010

jacques mataly

We saw this stunning exhibition by Jacques Mataly at the equally stunning Abbaye de Beaulieu in the Tarn et Garonne last week. Metre square photographs which examine the horizon, they had something of Rothko about them. They were powerful yet subtle. Very moving.


hamertheframer said...

I saw it too. It was sublime. I just googled the artist but found your blog instead. It was the perfect coincidence of art & location. We arrived at lunchtime when it was closed for two hours so we had a pique-nique and wandered around the grounds which was lovely. But inside was fantastic. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

D.A. Kroon said...

I was there too with my 4 adult children. They were all impressed by the photos. It was a pity that there was so little to find about the artist himself and also no link of were we can buy his work.
I work in a gallery with contempory art and have seen a lot.
Mr Mataly has certainly rised photography into art.
Arlette Kroon

jules mataly said...
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jules mataly said...

I'm Jacques Mataly's son.
He's been very pleased to read this article and the comments when I found this blog.
D.A. Kroon seemed interested in, or at least was thinking about buying a photograph. Could you give me her email adress so I can write her?
Thank you for this post again,

Meabh Warburton said...

Hello Jules,
I'm afraid I don't have D.A.Kroons email address - maybe she'll see this and get in touch...
We saw you father's exhibition 4 times in the end - we took all our summer visitors! It stood up very well to repeated viewing.
All the best,

Unknown said...

Where can we buy your father's photographs?