Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've finally run out of Drima extra strong thread - this is the last warp cobbled together from several spools. I am on nº 5 of my series of 9 tapestries in the as yet untitled series. Will show a photo of them soon.

I'll have some very exciting tapestry related news to announce shortly - watch this space!


Olga said...

I am intrigued.
I hope that you have found an acceptable replacement for the Drima. Sometimes being jolted into looking for a replacement for a staple can lead to interesting developments.

e.barb said...

Have you tried barbours nylon bonded thread, they have something similar on Ebay that may suit your needs.

many thanks for your blog I really enjoy reading and looking at your weaving journey. Kind regards Barbara Cove

Meabh Warburton said...

Thanks for your suggestion - I did look on ebay but blanched rather at the price - £6! I use a lot of warp - I usually buy 10 or 20 reels at a time so the Barbour thread would be way too expensive. I'm getting used to the Coats extra strong thread (£1.35 per reel!), I'd still prefer the Drima but hey ho...
Thanks for your comment!