Monday, December 24, 2012

happy christmas

and all the best in 2013.


Olga said...

A lovely Christmas to you too!
What are the lovely looking goodies in the jar? To me they look like my favourite Greek Christmas cakes: Kourambiethes which are short almond cakes covered in icing sugar.

Meabh Warburton said...

Similar - these are walnut puffs. Cream 125g soft butter with 2 tblsp sugar. Add 150g ground walnuts and 150g plain flour and a little vanilla extract. Make balls and bake at 150┬║ for about 30 mins or until pale brown. Roll immediately in icing sugar and leave to cool on a rack. They're delicious and very short and light and French people always ask if they're a speciality of my region! Err no, I got the recipe from a magazine...! The original recipe calls for pecans but we have walnut trees so an abundance of walnuts.
Hope you're enjoying your big pile of books. We're about to start the Christmas jigsaw!

Olga said...

The recipe is very similar, and walnuts must be delicious.
The books are going well as the weather is simply dreadful here - all the better for curling up and turning more pages! I thought about going back to a previous delight in the Christmas jigsaw, but somehow the book pile won out.
Hope you are having fun. Happy hogmanay!