Thursday, May 9, 2013

univers d'artistes

Univers d'Artistes is an exhibition of the work of seven artists at Galerie la Tour Montsalès until the 28th of May.

There are three ceramicists (Jean-Pierre Chollet, Sylviane Perret and Patrice Teulières) two wood carvers (Jean-François Delorme and Kathryn O'Kell), one painter (Jean-Pierre Gilly) and me!
Alongside their own work each artist is showing objects from their homes or workshops which have particular emotional significance for them.  There are stones, fossils, birds nests and tools as well as some works by other artists and makers, each accompanied by a short text.  I'll post some photos of the show just as soon as I take them but in the meantime if you should be in the area, do drop by!

carved wood panel above by Jean-François Delorme

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