Friday, October 11, 2013

oh la la la la la la.....

Anyone who lives in France will know that oh la la is an expression more likely to be used  as an equivalent to the English  'Oh noooooo' or 'Oh for goodness sake' than in the saucy seaside postcard way! The more las there are the worse it is! So cutting off the the first piece of my four parter the day before yesterday and in so doing ruining it was definitely an oh la la la la la la moment. (You've got to get the tone of voice right too).   The problem was the warp which shrank more than I was expecting.
So after a test shrinkage strip I'm starting again but with a bit less enthusiasm than the first time around.

The good news however is that I contacted Coats UK last week about the Drima thread. I'd tried before but had no reply - this time however they got back in touch and would you believe it, they are still making it! They said that no shop has ordered it for ages so I'd have to get a haberdasher to order it in for me.  I can't quite believe it - could it be so simple?

Totally unrelated - we are going to Amsterdam for a few days at half term. Apart from the obvious ones has anyone any recommendations of things to do/see there? I've been to Amsterdam but it was such a long time ago and I barely remember it.


Olga said...

Oh no! And how great about Drima! Have fun in Amsterdam - I've never been there, but my friend tells me that doors and antique tiles are delights.

Else said...

...or as the Scots would say, "Och, naw!" Poor you. Clearly you've demonstrated that it happens to the best of us! Enjoy Amsterdam - it's been far too many decades since I was there to offer advice, but the newly renovated Rijksmuseum looks fabulous - especially the murals which had been painted over, and the mosaic floors, now uncovered.