Monday, July 28, 2014

best laid plans..

My show with Colette Bessac-Lefranc opened at the tower on Saturday night. I however had absolutely nothing to do with it! Last Saturday great pain propelled me to hospital and a day later I had an op. to remove a kidney stone. Definitely better out than in! So - all last week Warb and John and Monsalèsien friends did all the exhibition preparing, framing, pricing, typing lists, running around, hanging the show and making a million canapés.

I slept and read and listened to a lot of Radio 4. Am still doing much the same but hope to see our show this week!


Olga Norris said...

Good luck with the exhibition - and with the recovery!

meabh warburton said...

Thanks Olga - I've put a catalogue in the post for you.

Else said...

Poor you! Sounds unpleasant - enjoy the enforced 'rest and recuperation'!

Sid Stephenson said...

Meabh, I’ve lost your email..... arghhh.
I’m heading south with Sarah and two dogs through your area in the next few weeks and would love to catch with you and Ian, my old friends. No firm dates yet, but most likely early May 2018 ish... if you guys are in residence I would love to visit with you. We are totally self sufficient so we would simply find a caravan site nearby. My email is Send my yours if that’s ok.
Sid xxx