Thursday, October 11, 2007

trying again...

I don't know where my head is at the moment - not where it should be that's for sure. I warped up a frame to weave this piece on Tuesday, started weaving and only then realised that the frame wasn't big enough. I have just warped up a bigger frame and am about to try again.

I was cheered yesterday however to get a comment from Else who bought a piece last year at Origin - she said she treasures it. We make things, people buy them and that's often the end of it so I was very glad to know she's happy with her purchase and not thinking 'damn I could have got a really nice pair of shoes instead'!!

1 comment:

Else said...

No - shoes invariably give me blisters, apart from my wonderful crocs...! So, I am very happy with the beautiful piece on my wall - no blisters, and I'll never wear it out!