Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bartholomew Street West

I am embarking on some new work to show at Jilly Edward's BSW Gallery in April. The exhibition is called 3D Tea Party and coincides with Exeter's food festival. This means revisiting an old theme and ongoing obsession for me. I love everything about food, growing it, buying it, cooking it, looking at it, reading about it, photographing it, sharing it. Did I miss out eating it?! I love the vessels and utensils used for cooking and for serving food. I love the term batterie de cuisine! These two tapestries were made in 1995 - I found the images in the Crafts Council's archive. The stripey cup is the first tapestry I ever sold in a gallery - it was at Roger Bilcliffe's

The embarking is taking place in my usual way which is to hoover, launder, cook a great deal (3 loaves of bread, garlicky pea dip, cupcakes and trifle before breakfast today) ride my bicycle and drink tea. But you know this time I am not beating myself up about this as I've finally recognised that it's not useless procrastination as I've always thought it was. It is how I get back into designing and making after a period of inactivity. During this flurry of activity a switch gets tripped in my head and my thinking and focus alter and by the time I'm sitting down with a piece of paper I will, with a bit of luck, have something to put on it.


Debbie Herd said...

Hi Meabh, I am laughing while I read this as I feel like I have a sister!
You can always find me in the kitchen having "cooking therapy" when I should be weaving. But my real job is as a chef and as much as I love it no one ever mentions the dish washing!!
Good luck with your new series of work. Debbie.

meabh said...

errr yes - forgot that!! We are currently dithering over whether to get a dishwasher (have never had one). Can't decide - we make a pretty formidable dishwashing team!

Feltbug said...

Hi there - Happy New Year Meabh - I love this post - I had just worked out that I spent 15 hours procrastinating today and 30 minutes working!! I have been re-visiting William Scott's work which I love - all those kitchen utensils - great for drawing!

Debbie Herd said...

I don't have a dishwasher either Meabh. I try hard to be green and we are in such a severe drought her I can't justify the use of water. We used to sit around after service on busy nights at the restaurant wondering exactly how many dishes we have washed over the years!!!!! I would rather cook any day.

meabh said...

Hi Mandy,
As I read your comment my sketchbook was open at a page where I've stuck in a postcard of WS's still life of 2 fish, a pan and a fishslice/spoon? D'you know the one? I love that fishslice or whatever it is coming in from out of the frame.
Happy New Year to you too.
ps - but IS it really procrastinating?!

I've seen ads recently for dishwashers which claim to use less water than you would washing up by hand- 9 litres I think. The only time I really think one would be nice is when people have come round to eat and everyone's had a good time and it would be nice to just go to bed without tackling mountains of washing up. House rule - it never gets left till the next day!

K Spoering said...

Meabh - I am just putting together a small exhibit that will hang next month, called "Cups &..." It's all cups and teapots, things like that. But now I see your cups, and I like them SO much better than any of mine! Don't you just HATE when that happens? You say to yourself, 'wow, why didn't I do them more like that?' They are very cool!

meabh said...

Thanks Kathy! Isn' it always the way?!