Tuesday, January 8, 2008

close up

Else, here's a close up of Max's tapestry (with a ghostly me!). It's not very good but the frame is sealed with gumstrip so I can't take the piece out.


Else said...

Thanks, Meabh, for taking the time to do this! It's interesting to see it a little bit closer - I wondered if you'd use 'flat' colour or graded colours for the marks. It's so completely different from the piece of yours that I have, which is tiny, very 'clean' and clearly defined. I do like it! I like the others from Roger Bilcliffe's gallery (I always have a look in there when I'm in Glasgow - not so often these days, sadly).

Sorry to have missed you when you were over here - wouldn't you know it was just when I was in France (Paris)! Timing! Hope you sold everything and didn't have to cart anything back home again.

ps I know just what you mean about all the stuff that just has to be done before settling down to 'create'. Except, at the moment,I'm using all those carefully honed procrastination/preparation techniques to avoid finishing off my accounts for the year - urgh... Strangely, this can mean doing a bit of crochet that just HAS to be finished before adding up the next column of figures!

meabh said...

That's ok - sorry the image isn't clearer. It was interesting weaving something I hadn't designed - first time I did that. Thinking about it, it would make an interesting project for weaving students - each designs a tapestry and then everyone shares the weaving of all of them. I seem to remember us doing something similar in a drawing class at college...