Friday, February 1, 2008

happy birthday!

My blog is a year old today, how about that?! It has been fun and I really appreciate the comments and feedback that people have given me. I'm also pleased and flattered to know that art students in Scotland and the States have been finding the links to textile artists and organisations a useful research tool.

Birthdays often involve presents don't they? If you would like the embroidered felt collage in the picture let me know via a comment or email. I'll put the names in a hat next week.

Have a good weekend!


Aileen said...

Happy birthday :) A long-term lurker, I have enjoyed your blog for ages and ages. I'm a knitter and designer myself and really love watching your work emerge. I can't pass up on the opportunity to put my name into the hat!

K Spoering said...

Must put my name in THIS hat! Congratulations on the year, we've enjoyed your company in our lives very much!

Else said...

I was going to comment on 'spoon' - because it looks utterly gorgeous... but I'm going to comment here instead with the hope of 'winning' the little felted piece. That's how cheap I am...!

ps 'spoon' really does look beautiful!