Saturday, February 2, 2008


Here is 'spoon' in progress. I'm about half way there and am really enjoying this piece. We all watched a film last night and then I just slipped in another couple of hours of weaving before bed. Weaving till midnight on a Friday night - it must be going well!
Incidentally the brown strip at the bottom is the selvedge - it won't be visible.


shari said...

so lovely!

meabh said...

Thanks Shari! Did you get the soup recipes?

ringa dal said...

I have a couple of questions. Looking at your weaving, I can't quite figure out the scale of your weavings. Can you give me an idea of how large they are? And another question, I know you use the stretchers, but how do you tension the warp. I have used the Archie Brennan lap loom for the last three years, and the bolt in the middle allows me to tension. How do you do it?