Thursday, January 22, 2009


I took this photo of spiky offcuts on Tuesday - the last time the sun shone round here. I can't show you yesterday or today's collages as light levels have just been too low.

I find the designing for my tapestries really very hard - much harder than the simplicity of the work might suggest! As I was explaining to a friend recently I have tendancy to stop as soon as I have something I think is worth weaving and weave it. I never get into any kind of rhythm or habit of drawing/collaging and that just makes it even more difficult and anxiety provoking to re-start each time.

So - I have set myself the task of carrying on with these ephemeral collages until the end of the month - not giving in to the temptation to glue anything down or weave. The fact that the collages are just taken apart as soon as they're made does make them feel quite different - if they don't work it doesn't matter - it's really quite freeing. It would do me good to keep this as part of my daily practice.

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