Friday, January 16, 2009

polka dot trees

Mistletoe grows really well here. I pass these spotty trees on my daily walk and they always make me smile.

Am collaging every day. No glue though - I cut and place my papers, move stuff around, photograph it, take it apart again and on to the next one. It's an occupational hazard to get too precious about things when you're a tapestry weaver and I'm trying hard to break the habit.


Olga said...

The mistletoe has been flourishing here in England this winter too. It also does indeed always bring a smile when I see it.

I like this not-collage. Do you deliberately design them to use as templates for weavings? Or are they just photographed glories as they are? I imagine that the shadows as well as the tones make an interesting challenge to render as woven.

meabh said...

Hi Olga,
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, I do start my tapestry designs by collaging but at the moment I'm trying not to think about tapestry (or indeed anything much) and just go with the flow knowing that the outcome doesn't matter.