Thursday, June 14, 2007


Here is a picture of my current project and the reason why I have so little tapestry to show you at the moment... This is our bedroom to be and I've been doing the joists for the new floor. The middle of the room is 6 centimetres lower than the sides so it's been a finicky job. I am very, very, nearly, almost ready to start laying the floorboards now!

This is a view of the same room this time last year which gives you an idea of how far we've come (with a lot of help I should say!)

Here is an even slower weaver than me! We went to Aubusson for a day last year. It was strange to be in a place where everything revolves around tapestry. There is a big tapestry museum and numerous workshops large and small to visit - also a very beautiful 16/17th (?) century weaver's house with the weaving studio on the very top floor to benefit as much as possible from the light. The cartoon painter had a room in the cellar, clients were received and business transacted on the 2nd floor, the family lived on the 3rd floor and then the looms right at the top.

Tomorrow we're off to Ireland (Connemara) to celebrate my Mum's 80th birthday. Here is a picture of her aged about 25/26. She's the first woman from the right. Back next week.

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lyn said...

Oh, Meabh! Do I ever feel for you! I can't imagine what you are going through, it was bad enough just doing our garage, but having to do construction on the scale that you are takes guts!

I have to say that during our whole construction process I was haunted by what we used to tell laboring moms when I was working as a labor & delivery nurse, which now also seems appropriate for construction... "Labor seems horrible now, like it will never end, but once you hold your baby you'll forget all about the pain!"

I hope the rest of your remodel goes quickly so you can get back to the loom!