Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have some work on show at Victoria Fearn's gallery near Cardiff until the end of August.

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Marjojo said...

Beautiful! So meadows like these do still exist! Followed your link to millefleurs, as first of all I was confused by the thought of millefeuilles which had my mouth watering. It's brilliant how one person's blog leads to so many unexpected places, real and imagined.
Thanks for your comment about my bound shoes. They are a bit disquieting, aren’t they, but I think real beauty has to be that way, otherwise it becomes perfect and thus lifeless. Love the colours of your woven squares, these reds and oranges and pinks, their warmth, and find your read-piece very interesting. Also like the stitching on w.i.p., the way it contrasts with the cut-out felt-shapes and how it made me think about your different hands’ movements across the felt sheet. All that felt-work is so beautifully tactile, even looking at it on the computer-screen makes me want to touch/feel.
Good luck with the exhibition!