Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I sent the four felts off at huge expense at the beginning of the week - I've got to find a courier firm who would take on an occasional customer like me (any info from other French residents gratefully appreciated) as €67, yes really, is out of the question... I was in a right blue funk, as in addition to the expense I checked out the galleries website with a view to linking to it only to discover that my name wasn't even on the exhibitor list. Plus the price I can charge for the felt pieces makes me virtually nothing when you take off the galleries cut, the cost of the frame and postage. So I really do have to knock the felt pieces on the head.
There you go, sorry to rant... on a positive note my 3 hour intensive carpentry course with my friend Paul seems to have taught me something as I think I'm doing the upstairs floor more or less right. I sincerely hope!

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