Thursday, February 22, 2007

22nd February

I'm still plastering...

I read a transcript of a lecture given by Archie Brennan the other night. He described tapestry weaving as " crazily labour intensive as a process. It's economically suicidal I think. .... an obsessive, compulsive activity" He says he still weaves 10, 12 sometimes 16 hours a day. He's clearly got a lot more stamina than I do - and what about his eyes? One of the features of the run up to Origin last year was 12 sessions with an orthoptist!

"One of the other aspects of tapestry that is extremely powerful, particularly today with the quality and permanence of modern dyes, is the nature of colour in tapestry." This rings so true to me and for intense, heart stopping colour you should look at Jo Barker's work. Seen in the flesh the large pieces have an astonishingly physical effect, you feel the colour in the pit of your stomach.

I would post a photo of Jo's but being new to blogging I'm not sure whether that is allowed. Maybe someone could let me know?


ophelia said...

Isn't all craft labour intensive. I think that when you love what you do you spend hours on it and don't think about the time. I know when I am in the flow of creating my dolls time just doesn't exist, I don't know how long I have spent on each doll and I really do not care, I just enjoy being transported into my own creative world.

Feltbug said...

Hi again ! Regarding posting pics of other people - I think that people do anyway but i think it is nice to ask permission first - also it is a good way to get people to check out your blog. One tip i picked up is that you should not post the url for the pic but save it to your computer first and then post it - the other way is called hot linking and uses the other persons web allowance. Hope that helps !