Sunday, February 4, 2007

working space

This is where I work at the moment and very nice it is too, but it is a very shared part of the house.

This is where I am going to be working before too long (I hope). The ex-henshed at the top of the garden.

It needs a bit of work I know but it will be wonderful. White walls, bookshelves, a big pinboard and a woodburning stove with a comfy chair beside it. Oh yes and insulation, plasterboard, a new window and door and electricity!


Showpony said...

this is my dream studio set up, it sounds lovely.
Looking forward to reading your blog

donna said...

Found your blog through Karin's Style Blog. Your studio will be amazing once it's finished, especially the woodburning stove! I used to work from a (wooden) shed in the garden, with no insulation...not pleasant!
D x

Sarah said...

your work place looks divine to me...I would love such a space. i wish you endless inspiration from the spirits of the hens!
Sarah in New Hampshire, USA

meabh said...

Hello all - thanks for the comments. It will be great won't it? I'm looking forward to 'going' to work even if it is only 100 metres or so away!

lottie said...

Hi there - I found you via Karin Eriksson as well. Your studio sounds great; I love the idea of working alongside a woodburning stove.

katie said...

good luck with that vision! you'll need it! it is such a treat to have a place to work in - all the effort will be worth it - as I said.... good luck!!!!!