Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well I did manage to get some collages made (for such simple images they take me a long time), and also these samples with more still on the frame. I'm not there yet though. I need to do some where I vary how much I beat down the weft and cover the warp. I'm enjoying not knowing how things are going to turn out.

Re. the leaflet - I was accepted for this years Brighton Craft Fair. It's on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of November at the Corn Exchange.

This is the shop where I buy my threads. It is dark and slightly musty smelling and reminds me of shops from my childhood. In our local postoffice and grocery everything was on shelves behind the counter and you had to ask for what you wanted. Miss Mead the postmistress acquired a calculator at some point but still checked her sums on the back of a paper bag. Mme Fournac doesn't bother with the calculator, just goes straight for the bag! This week I was admitted to the back room and it is, as I thought it might be, full of treasure.I wasn't in there long, but long enough to see lots of lovely old DMC drawers with embossed paper coverings which I coveted. I speak reasonable French but don't feel up to asking Madame if I can have a root around the old stock. Yet...

I saw this door knocker on the way back to the car and just couldn't resist posting it. The hand door knockers in Ireland and England all seem to be clenched fists. I loved the delicacy of this one.


ophelia said...

I love your tapestries. I would love to find quaint shops like the one in your post to rummage around in. Living in london that is not an option.After having seen your tapestries I am now looking for a course in london to try my hand I love the fact that they are made from cotton. I hope to get to brighton to see your work.
Good luck.

meabh said...

Hi Ophelia,
Thank you for your comment and compliment!
Morley College used to do tapestry courses or alternatively there is West Dean near Chichester. They are running a 2 day introduction to tapestry on Mar 30 - April 1. Check out their website- google West Dean and it comes up.