Friday, February 9, 2007

back to the drawing board

This week I've been thinking about a new set of tapestries for an exhibition I'm taking part in later in the Spring. Woven tapestry is a slow process - it takes the time it takes and there's nothing you can do to make it any quicker. Incidentally that is one of the things I like about it, you just have to apply yourself and settle into the rhythm of it. Preferably listening to Radio 4! I start by making simple pencil drawings

followed by a collage using magazine papers which I then weave on a very finely (16") set warp.

Cotton has a lovely sheen and vibrancy. It makes for a taut, defined fabric which I love but I am feeling the need to try something different as well. I recently made some felt collages, for a change really, as a contrast to the weaving, the restrictions it imposes, the eyestrain! But now I'm planning a big collaged tapestry - lots of small elements, slightly overlapping, mounted at varying heights. I have just made a small overlap piece but for this next one I want to play around with textures more, make it looser. That means making samples and playing with combinations of yarn and set, so that and making collages are my tasks for next week. The vacances d'hiver start on Tuesday though so progress might be a bit slow...!


jackie said...

Thank you for sharing your work.
I am just starting out in working with felt and particularly like seeing your felt pieces. I found you via Whipup.

katie said...

I like your felt collages very much - I really enjoy the versatility of felt - I look forward to seeing some of your ideas emerging!

LindieNaughton said...

Looks good Meabh. Keep on keeping on!